Linda Cohen

LindaLinda was born in Leicestershire over 200 years ago. An only child, she was educated (sort of) in Highgate. Linda left school early due to a crisis in the family, and eventually found someone in the City who took pity on her and offered her a job as secretary. She spent the rest of her years regretting her lack of schooling. Always a lover of creative writing just before leaving school she won the Cadbury’s Writing Competition for all schools (which is her only claim to fame). Married with two children, and five grandchildren, she was inspired by her eldest grandchild (who was in the middle of ‘A’ levels at the time) to ‘carry on learning – even now’! At a very young age she was inspired by the Brontë sisters, and now reads everything and anything. Linda worked as an estate agent for many years before having a complete career change: she trained as a social work assistant and worked on the spinal injuries unit of The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital until she retired.

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