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Writing Magazine Anthology Award result

Following the success of Spilling the Beans in the Writing Magazine Anthology Award for books published in 2014 (did we mention that it won?), we decided to enter Delayed Reaction in the contest for 2015. The result was announced in the July edition and we were delighted to learn that DR was chosen as one of the three runners up!

The citation says “Another professional-level selection from last year’s Anthology Award winners Just Write, Delayed Reaction is testament to the value of producing anthology pieces to order. Each of the ten group members wrote one story for the collection, all set on the same delayed train. They agreed on background and setting details and shared information about each other’s characters to allow them to crossover between stories. The book itself is of the highest standard, well-designed, with individual title pages for each story, a reader-friendly layout and attractive cover, all coming together to create an appealing package that is already into its second print run.”

There is no monetary prize for being a runner-up so we’ll have to hope that increased sales will boost our donation to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. What’s that you’re saying? You haven’t bought a copy yet? Get thee to the dedicated website and support our good cause!

Seriously, last year’s £250 prize went straight into our charity pot and helped to boost our 2015 donation to £1,000. We’d love to match that in 2016, and every purchase helps…