Just Write is a group of authors who met at Sally Norton’s creative writing class in Amersham. At the end of our first year, in June 2013, we decided we couldn’t bear to wait until late September to meet and write again. Extra mural sessions were arranged, at one of which someone said ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to work together and write a set of stories?’ and someone else added ‘They could all take place on the same day in a coffee shop…’ Our first book, Spilling the Beans, was published fifteen months later and, eleven months after that, our second book, Delayed Reaction, was published.

We are very fortunate to get on very well as a group, and to enjoy working together. Perhaps it’s because we were all at the same starting point so recently, just getting going on this creative writing adventure. Or perhaps it’s because we are all wonderful!

This website was developed as a showcase for our individual stories and achievements.