Christmas 2016

Dear Santa, Angela can explain…

I can, honest – I didn’t mean to push him – I just heard a noise outside the door and I was scared, see? I stood there for a bit, you know, thinking – I don’t do that much.  I was thinking about you.  I thought What Would Santa Do?  Then I thought he’d just say HO HO HO loudly in his great big voice and whoever it was would run away.  So I tried that – ho ho ho, I said – only my voice wasn’t so much a boom as a bit of a squeak, so I sounded like an elf with laryngitis.

I heard the noise again, so I thought What Would Santa do Next? He wouldn’t hang about, I thought.  He has all those presents to deliver.  He’d just wade straight in.  So I did. I sort of flung open the door – well, I say sort of: my hand was shaking so much the handle rattled, and I could hear a scuffle and a sniff and I knew it was dark out there.  So I screwed up all my courage and I shouted out “SANTA!” as loud as I could and rushed out – and I heard him tumble backwards – and he sort of gasped and there was a loud tumbling noise – so I put the light on – and Dad was all of a heap at the bottom of the stairs.  He’d had a Santa hat on and it had fallen off – and there was a whole heap of parcels lying in the hall where he dropped them.  He was holding a pillow case – and he said – he said . . . he said he was keeping the presents now and he wouldn’t let me have them.  What did he mean, Santa?  What did he mean?

I’m looking out the window for you…

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